Free-standing parks

As a full-service provider of efficient and cost-effective solar power plants, Greencells delivers  investment projects of any scale. Is your intended investment in photovoltaics at the level of a power plant?  Based on the available funding and energy needs, we will find suitable sites for you: arable land, quarries, brownfield sites, unused commercial areas, waste disposal sites, former airfields or converted military zones. Our analysis will also take into account the substratum, the dimensions of the space, and all local infrastructure, ensuring the ideal solution for your personal power plant.

Roof systems

Greencells designs, plans, operates and maintains solar roof systems for buildings of any size: detached and semi-detached houses, public or agricultural buildings, supermarkets and commercial spaces. Our consultants will provide seamless support throughout the project life cycle, meeting all your needs, from a detailed profitability analysis to the regular maintenance of your roof system. 


Carports can provide particularly suitable structures for solar roofs, protecting the vehicles of your employees and clients from the elements while generating electricity at the same time. Based on our extensive portfolio of tried-and-tested carport systems, we will build the most appropriate foundation for the conditions, whether gravel, grit, composite stones or a sealed parking space.
A charging station for electric cars can easily be integrated into the construction if required. 

Tracker Systems

Our tracking systems can increase yields by up to 30 percent due to their efficient installation and high performance. Only employing systems that have stood the test of time over many years, our customized analysis of your location, taking into account latitude, topography and vegetation, will generate the best and most cost-efficient model for you. We work closely with manufacturers to develop the most practical foundation versions for your tracking system. In our pioneering approach to planning, we can even facilitate a simplified future decommissioning by the use of special screw foundations.