Our customized consultancy is the key to successful investment. You will benefit from our strategic approach and our long-standing experience in photovoltaics. 

Initial Consultation

Greencells enables you to translate your vision into action. We will devise the right strategy for your successful investment in renewable energy. Give us a call for an initial conversation – free of charge.

Strategic Consulting

The dynamic photovoltaics market is becoming increasingly complex: as your partner, we at your service place our long-standing experience, extensive network and stringent methodology. The key to our success is profiling, a methodological approach for strategic tasks with field-tested processes and models. Profiling ensures that the business model is adapted to national and local conditions, and it paves the way for a smooth and successful realization of your investment.


Greencells will always obtain the best financial terms from your bank, thus optimizing the profitability of your project. Our financial experts will also support you in the compilation of the required documentation for a due diligence. When it comes to interim finance or the acquisition of potential buyers and investors, we will support holders of projects rights. 

In-house Financing

Greencells has an extensive international network of investors at hand. We can also provide the equity for the pre-financing or interim financing of the construction phase, resulting in rapid support and minimizing bureaucracy. 


Our rock-solid project planning is based on an exhaustive examination of the structural, legal and financial local conditions.  We leave no stone unturned.

Expert Reports

Whether the project is a tracking system or a free-standing park, a comprehensive ground survey report is critical for detailed planning. If there are no existing surveys available, our geologists will quickly complete a detailed analysis and compile the required report. With our shared understanding of the local conditions, we will work with you to specify the best possible solution, including the most suitable foundations, such as earth screw, driven pile or concrete, which are able to withstand all weather conditions. 


As an EPC company that delivers turnkey solar plants, Greencells firmly believes that thorough and detailed preparation is the key to successful construction and overall project success. We always provide an experienced team of planning engineers, business economists and project managers to support you at every step of the project life cycle. Firstly, depending on the selected site, our team determines the appropriate plant size, type of modules, and mounting system. From these initial parameters, we develop the plan, which comprises the layout of the plant, the foundations and the electrical installation. Our project managers supervise every phase of the project closely, making sure we deliver timely, professional and cost-efficient construction. And they always have a Plan B to make sure your plant is connected to the grid on time. 

Trial Pile Driving

Trial pile driving is usually an integral part of the planning phase for free-standing parks. Our structural engineers will trial driven pile foundations on site and then measure the force to remove them. From these results, the engineers will determine the right foundation for the plant and create a testable structural analysis. 

Topographic Survey

We rely on state-of-the art GPS and laser-assisted surveying methods to create as many marking points as possible; this helps us to avoid surprises during realization and deliver your project smoothly and in the shortest possible time. 

Security Concept

In order to secure your plant and protect your investment, we will create a security concept. Comprising site security during the construction phase, and fence and gate systems or remote-controlled alarm technology, our approach guarantees low insurance premiums and thus maximizes your profitability. 

Material Logistics and Waste Disposal

Even when facing tight deadlines, our strategic overview and efficient organization mean we always stick to the schedule.  To this end, we manage the end-to-end material logistics and ensure an orderly withdrawal from site after the termination of engineering by fully clearing the building site and properly disposing of any waste. 


Our top priority is to deliver a cost-effective investment on schedule.  You can rely on our long-standing experience in the delivery of the full spectrum of solar power plants. And you can rest assured in our mastery of the engineering behind your investment: driven pile, screw or concrete foundations, frame or module installation, and electricity. 

Earthwork and Site Preparation

Site preparation is a prerequisite for successful construction and the Greencells teams are experts in creating the ideal conditions for your site.  As part of our diligent preparation, the team will clear spaces and create legally required buffer areas; they will also build foundations for transformers, substations, inverters and material reloading sites.

Setting Up of Building Sites

As a special service, we will set up the building site. We provide containers for materials, recreation and offices. We also install sanitary facilities and the connections for mains water, process industrial water and, naturally, electricity. 

Driven Pile Foundations

Driven pile foundations are the most cost-effective foundation solution. Our new high-tech pile drivers insert all conventional profiles vertically into the ground. Regardless of whether there are SADEF, Heintzmann, CWF, Ideematec, our own substructure piles or other c-profiles, when it comes to 2-5 soil grade, the most popular choice is a driven pile foundation. Our high-tech device simultaneously drills, refills and pile drives to overcome any obstacle. 

Screw Foundations

For very soft ground, or where subsequent adjustments will be necessary due to ground movements, we generally choose earth screw foundations. Greencells has a wealth of experience in the installation of all conventional earth screw foundations.   

Concrete Foundations

If the ground conditions will not admit driven pile or screw foundations, we use concrete foundations, which can be precisely aligned in a previously prepared gravel bed. Concrete foundations are perfect for disposal sites where sealing must be preserved or large obstacles are buried in the ground. In order to meet special structure requirements, even reinforced or non-reinforced concrete structures can be partially formed. 

Rock Drilling

When push comes to shove, we always provide the right equipment for the job. Our rock-drilling machines create space for the foundations and it doesn’t matter whether we’re dealing with granite, concrete or asphalt - after the drilling, we backfill. Rock solid!

Solar Installation

At Greencells, we are used to meeting very tight deadlines, and so our teams are always across every project detail. Our record: the installation of five megawatts within a week. Our strategy: highly specialized teams for each part of the installation process, from foundation through to frame erection and module installation. Even the most challenging project will be managed smoothly and brought in cost-effectively and on time. 

Electrical Installation

Greencells will manage all the electrical work required to connect your solar plant safely to the local grid. Our experts will install string construction, DC sub-distribution, data cables, underground cables, inverter configuration and monitoring. On request, we can easily integrate charging points for your electrical vehicles. We will also support you in calculating a high personal electric consumption.