“Optimal performance to maximize the return on your investment – this is the guiding principle of the Greencells Group.”

Year of Establishment

Powerplants completed

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Visions for the future

Always looking to the future, the multilingual and interdisciplinary Greencells’ team continues to leverage its profound knowledge across markets. We recently expanded into the United States and are currently focused on emerging markets in Africa and Asia.

Success story

The Greencells Group has come a long way since it was founded as a small assembly company in 2007.  Today, we are a global provider of turnkey solar parks with 600 employees worldwide. Headquartered in Saarbrücken, Germany, we have international subsidiaries in Abu Dhabi, Romania, Singapore and the United States of America. It is the combination of rapid entrepreneurial decision-making, an analytical approach to market selection, and cost-efficient operation that underpins our continued growth in turnover and portfolio. In March 2017, we achieved a major milestone: the delivery of solar plants of more than one Gigawatt. 

Solid and sustainable

Are you keen to invest in solar power? At Greencells we have the skills and experience you need! Ensuring future-proof green energy since 2007, we are a global provider of photovoltaic power plants with an impressive track record of 92 solar plants in 25 countries. Our international expertise pays off – among our clients and partners you will find the most renowned investors and developers. We would be delighted to welcome you as a client and develop a tailor-made solution that meets your specific requirements.