Home 9 Health, Safety and Environment Policy

We at Greencells GmbH recognize that high standards of Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) protection are integral for the sustainable growth of the organization, its people and partners. Our goals are simple: no accidents, no harm to people, as little harm to the environment as possible.

We believe that health and safety as well as environmental protection are a team effort and oblige our subcontractors to follow
our example when working with us.

To make our values and our goals a reality, we are committed to:

  • Prevention of workplace injuries and poor health through the provision of good and safe working conditions.
  • Providing clients with products and services that are safe, efficient, and environmentally sound.
  • Provide training and promote good health and wellbeing as well as environmental awareness to our employees.
  • Protection of the environment through the minimizing waste and prevention of pollution and use of hazardous substances.
  • Dispose of waste correctly and recycling when possible.
  • Efficient use of energy and resources.
  • Full compliance with European, national, and regional laws as well as the implementation of best health and safety practices.
  • Continual improvement of our HSE management, performance, and culture.
  • Participation of, and consultation with, employees and their representatives on HSE issues.

To achieve these commitments, we developed and implemented a comprehensive management system that meets the requirements of ISO 45001:2018 as well as ISO 14001:2015 and is certified accordingly.

Furthermore, our commitment to HSE excellence is demonstrated by:

  • Integrating HSE aspects into our business systems and processes
  • Defining clear HSE roles and responsibilities for personnel throughout the organization
  • Identifying hazards arising from all phases of our activities and eliminating these where possible; assessing any remaining risks and reducing these to the lowest practicable levels
  • Setting targets, implement processes to achieve them, monitor and evaluate our performance to derive measures to improve our management system accordingly.

This policy is communicated to all our employees, suppliers, and contractors. It is reviewed at least annually, to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate to Greencells GmbH.