Home 9 Quality Management Policy

The main goal of the Greencells GmbH is to build efficient, proper quality PV-plants. It is the driving force for the continuous assurance and overall improvement of our quality. Therefore, we developed and implemented a comprehensive management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and is certified accordingly.

To ensure our goal, Greencells is committed to:

  • Fully meet the customer’s requirements in terms of quality, delivery reliability, flexibility, and partnership-based cooperation.
  • Observe market developments to set strategic objectives.
  • Observe and contribute to technological advancement to set new quality standards.
  • Setting ambitious targets, implement processes to achieve them, monitor and evaluate our performance to derive measures to improve our management system accordingly.
  • Continuous monitoring and documentation of progress to provide the basis of the deviation management.
  • Participation of, and consultation with, employees and their representatives on Quality issues.
  • Full compliance with European, national, and regional rule of law as well as the implementation of best practices.

Every employee is responsible for the quality in their area and the compliance of processes in the company. It is part of our corporate culture to address suggestions, ideas, and complaints openly, because we see it as crucial to get inputs from every position to better the structure and organization.

Management and supervisory personnel have the additional responsibilities for implementing policies, processes and measures throughout the company and must ensure that personnel and subcontractors under their supervision act accordingly.

This policy is communicated to all our employees, suppliers, and contractors. It is reviewed at least annually, to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate to Greencells GmbH.