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Every construction project has its own challenges. With our self-developed remote assistance solution, our engineers can intervene remotely on construction sites. In real time and without time-consuming travel – better for the environment and better for our customers.

Most projects encounter situations where the advice of senior engineers is required. In these cases the challenge is often to implement this intervention without the delay of a trip.

Greencells has found a digital-based solution to this challenge. Using the Remote Assistance Scheme, Greencells will provide real-time assistance to senior engineers at construction sites. Every new Greencells construction site will be equipped with Augmented Reality (AR) glasses. The glasses have a head-up display. A camera is integrated into the display to show the engineer at headquarters the exact perspective of the team member on site.

This allows our senior engineers to assess a problem in real time and assist in solving it without having to travel to the site themselves. For our customers this means smooth project progress, secured schedules and improved quality assurance.

During the introduction phase, the system is used to provide support during construction. Eventually a roll-out to other project phases, e.g. commissioning and O&M, is planned.