Dear all,

the last years have been extraordinary in many ways and have changed our everyday lives profoundly. This year was no exception with the unwarranted attack on Ukraine and the disruption and hardship it causes, especially for people directly concerned in the country.

The recent, fast-tracked shifts are a catalyst for the deployment of Renewable energy, and especially Solar. Latest predictions by the International Energy Agency foresee a massive trebling of solar capacity until 2027.

At Greencells, we have been pioneering the energy transition for well over a decade. I want to thank all Greencells staff, in our offices and on-site, for their dedication, effort and drive in bringing us closer to making this change happen for good. With every solar plant we get to the grid, we come closer to a green energy future, independent of fossil fuels.

This is also the opportunity for me to thank our investors and partners for their trust and commitment in bringing green energy to the forefront. Your decision to invest in our industry makes the current massive deployment possible and will grant the future of coming generations.

A merry Christmas to all, let’s make 2023 remarkable for Solar and Renewables!

Sincerely, Andreas Hoffmann, CEO Greencells Group